.NET Core Console Apps (Twilio API)

Our first open source .NET Core utility and deployment gotcha's

In the spirit of open source (and to pay it something better than lip service) NandoTech has published our first open source utility that we are using in-house. The application in and of itself is nothing special and doesn’t do anything particuarly complicated, but it solves an important problem for us while having the added benefit of possibly helping someone else with a similar problem. NandoTech Twilio The utility we’ve released is a Twilio Call Importer which essentially just goes out and grabs all SIP call logs from Twilio and then saves them in batches of 1,000 to [SQL Server](), but there are serveral guides showing how you can configure Dapper for other databases very easily around the web. [Read More]

Building an (awesome) API with NancyFX 2.0 + Dapper

Plus, dependency injection explained and everything you need to get up and running.

NancyFX & Dapper are so hot right now. Naturally, I had to put them together. I am a huge fan and follower of .NET Core and the entire open source movement going on inside Microsoft and really what seems like the world over. More and more companies, big and small are open sourcing projects as the default rather than the exception. ASP.NET Core looks extremely promising, but I was always a fan of NancyFX and wanted to try it out. [Read More]

Happy Halloween!

GitHub Octocat Pumpkin is amazing.

It has been a little while since our last post, and though I am currently working on a long awesome post that should help out a ton of people (about halfway done), it was feeling lonely and quiet over here. So, without any further adieu: Octocat Pumpkin carved with <3 by NandoTech’s VP of Technology @ArronMayers in honor of the GitHub Octocat GitHub Halloween Pumpkin In case you’re wondering, the upcoming post will cover Building an API with .Net Core, NancyFX 2.0 and Dapper.NET. [Read More]

Angular 2 Crash Course

A collection of free & paid Angular 2 resources

PSA: Skip to the TL;DR for list of resources So, due to forces of nature beyond our control (specifically Hurricane Matthew), the Angular 2 Workshop we were registered for this Thursday & Friday, October 6th & 7th with both John Papa and Dan Wahlin was cancelled. Thankfully for us South Floridians, Hurricane Matthew narrowly avoided a direct hit with us southernmost residents and the tri-county area of Dade, Broward & Palm Beach was mostly unaffected. [Read More]

Greenfield Applications (Part 1, Project Armadillo)

Architecture Decisions and where we're headed

There’s something whimsical about Greenfield applications. The feeling of complete freedom over architecture decisions. The drawn out, sometimes heated debates concerning the most minute of details. Javascript frameworks. React, no–let’s use Angular! Better yet, let’s use Anguar 2 because that’s got to be better than 1, right? All kidding aside, the feeling of freedom of laying out and choosing technologies and how they will be distributed, hosted & supported is pretty awesome. [Read More]

Dot Net Core 1.0.1 & Semantic Versioning

What does it mean for you?

This past week marked the first official patch update since .NET Core’s initial release. Naturally, the version number we have jumped up to is 1.0.1. If you spent any time with the beta’s and rc1-8, let me forewarn you now: DO NOT go open project.json and edit every single reference up to 1.0.1. Firstly, in a basic Hello World or a Console App, the declaration the .NET Core version has changed very slightly. [Read More]

Networking Woes

The art of setting up Comcast

Let me start off by saying unequivocally and without any shadow of a doubt: I am not a networking expert. Although I understand all the constructs of the web and most all of the requisite information pertaining to how computers and the internet communicate as well as the nuances of local and public networks. My real deep protocol knowledge extends mostly into the realm of software development and how bits/bytes are consumed over the wire. [Read More]

Getting Started with AngularJS 1.x

I recently took the Pluralsight course AngularJS: Get Started by Scott Allen. If you want the tl;dr early, it’s totally worth it and really starts to give you a pretty decent working knowledge of AngularJS, and what’s better yet: you build an actual working application in the process. I did my own tweaks with the UI, minor deviations as well as selecting my own theme, but otherwise it’s pretty cool to see just how easy it is to create beautiful AngularJS apps tied to an API that turns standard JSON responses with little heavy lifting. [Read More]

Priorities Over Feelings

Let’s be honest. Most people are not very good at this. At first, it almost sounds dumb, like some cliche you hear from motivational speakers on a regular basis. Far from that, it is an extremely astute articulation of a decision one as an entrepreneur and a business owner has to consciously make on a daily basis. On a daily basis, we must choose to put our priorities over our feelings. [Read More]

Going From Zero to One

Must-Read Book for Every Entrepreneur

Chances are I’m also not the first person you’ve heard this from, either. This is one of the very few books that truly is a must-read for anyone who calls themselves a business owner, entrepreneur or anyone even considering the prospect of it. Turns out my Amazon Prime subscription came with a free few Audible credits. Naturally, the temptation of free being too much to resist, I grabbed a copy of Peter Thiel’s Zero to One. [Read More]

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