About me

Who am I and where did I come from?

My name is Fernando Rodriguez. I am the Founder & CEO of NandoTech Inc, where we specialize in customized software development work for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Beyond custom and software development work, we have also developed a fairly strong portfolio of VoIP customers ranging from small office phone systems to large-scale call center capablities.

I have an deep love for Clean Code and strive for many of the same principles applied by giants who started long before us. I believe in iterating quickly and working closely with customers to achieve a shared goal.

Much of what I’m rambling on about, you can read more about in The Agile Manifesto and what have probably become my two favorite books: Clean Code by Robert C. Martin and Scrum by Kent Beck & Jeff Sutherland that have deeply help shape my views and experiences in software development.

I began writing HTML & JavaScript and made awesome (read: brightly colored with flashing backgrounds) websites in my early teen years and my love affair with computers took off. It would be a while yet, but around 2006 at Florida Atlantic University I was first exposed to C and algorithms.

I fell in love all over again. Next came C++. Then Data Structures. I couldn’t get enough.

Fortunately for all of us, I am now heavily invested in C# and absolutely love the ASP.NET stack. I consider myself an extremely competent web developer and also a polyglot. There is something about programming especially and solving problems that completely transcends all programming languages and technology stacks

Beyond that, welcome to my blog. A diary of productivity, legwork, technical decisions, and the reasoning behind them as we build up our development shop.


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