A little bit about us.

First Post!

A little bit about us.

First Post!

We are just 2 super geeks who blog here in our spare time because we love what we do. We are software developers and telephony solution experts in South Florida. What’s more, if our experiences and (sometimes) horror stories can entertain you, or better yet, help guide you through your next project then we feel like we’ve given back to the community and are no longer just consumers taking in information.

Formally, we are NandoTech, Inc. Software developers and telephony solution experts. Also, a full service IT company located in South Florida, catering mostly to call centers and specializing in the .NET stack for our software. About mid-way through 2015 we decided NandoTech had something to offer the market that does not exist.

So here we are. Working gruelingly long weeks, working all hours of the night, always concerned about customer x, y or z and that they have everything they need for their business to operate smoothly. And we absolutely love it.

We will be posting relevant articles mostly pertaining to software development, startups, VoIP/Telephony systems as well as ASP.NET MVC & web dev. As a general rule, there is nothing that we DON’T do–we just have our preferences and opinions.

Preferences and opinions which by the way are very much our own, and do not necessarily reflect those of NandoTech, Inc or any of its shareholders. At NandoTech, we are:

Fernando Rodriguez, President/CEO — Software Development

Arron Mayers — Vice President — Technical Development

NandoTech, Inc

Here, we are just 2 super geeks trying to help others like us. Hope you enjoy the blog. Our passion to always keep learning new things keeps us inspired, and your support just might keep us fed.

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